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Business Law at Oregon

Law and Entrepreneurship Student Association

Our Mission:

Provide a forum for students to develop an understanding and appreciation of the connection between law and business. The association will coordinate events/lectures and work closely with the Center for Law and Entrepreneurship. It will also foster social interaction for students by sponsoring gatherings and activities with a focus on entrepreneurship.

LESA Board 2012-13

Ben Accola, KaLynn Alley, Kala Bernhardt; co-chair, Kevin Cave, Patrick Crawley, Trevor Gates, Brent Hamilton, Derek Hopp, Catherine Jedlicka; co-chair, Dustin Littrell, Mike McLaughlin, Bryan Silverman, Lara Smith, Chris Tyrell, and Elayna Zammarelli

Schedule of Events and Activities 2012-13

November 8, 2012: Law of Beer

Beer. Who doesn’t love it? Speak with a distinguished panel of brew masters and guild members and learn about the law and business aspects of the beer industry. Beer and food provided. View a description of the event at Law of Beer 2012. Event co-chairs: Derek Hopp,  Brent Hamilton, and Pat Crawley.

January 24, 2013: In-House Counsel

It’s a career path that offers worlds of opportunity to ambitious business law students – the role of corporate counsel. A panel discussion on the topic brings lawyers from corporations and law firms to the law school to talk about their experiences working as – and with – corporate counsel. View a description of the event at In-House Counsel 2013.  Event chair is Bryan Silverman and Kevin Cave.

February 13, 2013: Venture Capitalism

Venture capital investing has grown from a small investment pool in the 1960s and early 1970s to a mainstream asset class that is a viable and significant part of the institutional and corporate investment portfolio. Find out what a venture capitalist is looking for and hear from an entrepreneur about the benefits and difficulties of working with venture capital. View a description of the event at Venture Capitalism 2013. Event co-chairs are Brent HamiltonDustin Littrell and KaLynn Alley 

March 8, 2013: Solo Practitioner Panel

LESA is a co-sponsor of the Solo Practitioner Panel with the Center for Career Planning and Professional Development. KaLynn Alley and Elayna Zammarelli are the LESA event chairs.

April 5, 2013: Law of Wine

Speakers will discuss business and legal aspects of the wine industry; reciprocity laws between states, growing regions as indicating sources of wine, and labeling requirements. These experts will discuss the spirit of producing, selling, and marketing wine in Oregon! Wine and appetizer will be served. View a description of the event at Law of Wine 2012. Event co-chairs are Dustin Littrell and Lara Smith.

April 2013: Winery Tour

Go behind the scenes at two local vineyards; Silvan Ridge Winery and Sweet Cheeks Winery. Transportation and refreshments are provided along with an extensive tour of each facility. Contact Catherine Jedlicka and Kala Bernhardt for more information.


Business Cards and Business Card Cases

Each year LESA prints personalized professional-quality business cards for UO law students. Also available for sale are attractive silver metal card cases. For information please contact Kevin Cave and Chris Tyrell.


Wine Sale

LESA has a nice supply of Silvan Ridge Pinot Gris. These attractively labeled bottles showcase the School of Law. For information, please contact LESA’s wine stewards – Catherine Jedlicka and Kala Bernhardt.

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